Friday, July 16, 2010

My Daughter is a Quarter of a Century Old!

My Daughter is a Quarter of a Century Old!

Today marks the 25th Birthday of my daughter.  I clearly remember the shock and awe of finding out I was pregnant again, and the joy of seeing her slide out of me.  Raising her was a challenge...which made me a stronger woman and Mom. 

As I think back to our days of sharing the love of Elvis, the year her soccer team was not scored on due to her aggressive back field play and the day I carried her off the field with a broken foot while she screamed at the top of her lungs "I want to go back in!",  her fabulous friends who I still admire, several days of "makeovers!" and the years that her back did not support her, I am greatful to have been so blessed and gifted with Laur.

This is a picture I took during a wonderful day at Mare Island.  I have found that I see "faces" in places I would not expect or would have seen them several years ago.  I do see differently now than I did before, and that is one of the many gifts that have come out of the past several years...and I look forward to sharing this view with my future...


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