Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ice House

Ice House

Some of the most difficult situations that I have found myself in are those I have created. That in mind, I have now given myself a pat on the back (great job), a round of applause (what was I thinking) and a swift kick to my backside (get the hell on your way)...and these 3 components have made today better.

Amy had said that "the hardest battle you will ever fight is the battle to be yourself"...and I would translate that to include "learn who you are". Today feels as if that goal may be insight...and I will enjoy this small victory as long as it will last.

This is a picture of the old Ice House, midtown Sacramento. It has been boarded up and closed for years, and will be leveled to make way for a Loft Project in the near future. Old buildings fascinate me, and I enjoy observing their past...

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