Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Twisted Tuesday

Twisted Tuesday

I am looking forward to the time that I can wake up and have a vague feeling about how my day will start, and how it will end. Though initially I thought this might be boring, I could use a block of time that I did not have to re-engineer constantly.

I am over half way to dead, and that will be emphasized with another number up later this week. Tomorrow I begin my journey to Philly...with hopefully a side trip to NYC...to celebrate.
This new number adds yet another kick in the pants to get my life in order...and damn...just when I was thinking that order was a complete fantasy...

So the question of the day for me is how courageous am I...and how many things am I willing to change at once...all, none, or somewhere in the middle...and how do I decide. Being in charge of your own destiny is both exhilarating and deeply frightening...I am looking forward to seeing myself through...hoping there may be someone on the other side to catch me...

This is a picture I took Sunday on the drive to recreate to photos that went missing in Baltimore. A twisted pile of metal, rust, paint and all over junk...still one of my favorite loves'!

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