Saturday, March 13, 2010



Some day I may be able to look at something and just see what is there. For now, I look and see what is there, the layers, and a portion of my brain comes up with what it "could" be. While I love the layers, the constant multi-views are tiring...and the to-do list in my head is taller than I am.

This is a picture I shot in New York City last weekend of a building across from Battery Park. I was celebrating my 54th Birthday, a number that seems excessively high to me. I do not feel 54...more like a fabulous 47...though the difference is that I am closer than I have ever been to knowing who I want to be, and what makes me happy .

How it will end up I do not know, though recently I have begun to believe that this phase will never end...and this evolution of seeking the path I am destined for is the new permanent state of my being...and I guess that will keep my remaining time on this fabulous Earth interesting....

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