Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacation's End

Vacation's End

One of many things I find puzzling is why I cannot figure out a way to have a more "vacation" type life, vs "work" life. I understand the necessity of "working", it is just that the flow of "vacation" better suits me...

Historically, I have had two categories for vacation...a "vegetable" vacation, which entailed a lot of sleeping, eating, drinking, laying in the sun, swim, then repeat....or an "active" vacation in which every moment is crammed with activity, and I needed to return home, and to work to recover my energy.

The last several vacations I have taken have been a pleasant combination of "doing and relaxing", and seeing parts of the World of which I had no previous knowledge. They have been interesting, as well as changed the way I was seeing some things. It is this balance that I am hoping to be able to increase, and add additional numbers of currently unavailable hours...

This picture was taken in the back quarters of the most wonderful collection of old gas pumps and carefully selected "junk" on the road to Taos. It is the hood of an old car...which I am totally captivated by...along with the 1 million other objects Classical Gas contained...truly an amazing place that would be perfect to spend more "vacation" hours.

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