Friday, May 15, 2009


Sonogram there is no confusion...this is a picture of peeling paint on two milk cans taken at Johnnie's, on the way to Taos...the red was beautiful...and the texture interesting...what this has to do with the sonogram I am not just felt "colorful"... and since there were two...

Today was "the" sonogram, I am officially a 10 week, 1 day under construction Grandmother. Luckily we saw 2 arms, 2 legs, a body and a head...all other parts are in progress...though Alex is holding on to the idea that he saw testicles...which technically should not be there for 6 more weeks...though you is HIS child... The funny thing is that Laura will have the same OB-GYN that delivered her, for her prenatal-delivery.

I am looking forward to seeing Gary again...we spent hours together with Matt, working to keep him from being delivered early...each day was celebrated as a victory, knowing the challenges facing us if he truly came before his time. I am forever grateful for the days he gave us both, and ultimatley the gift of the best son on the planet. He jumped on the ride with Laura...and feigned joy when I presented pregnant...knowing what our last round had been.

Hopefully those memories are not as vivid in Gary's mind as they are in mine...I am happy that Laura is guarenteed the expertise, kindness and respect she will need during this does make all the difference in the World...

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