Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tomales Beach

The Waves
Yesterday brought a spectacular trip to the beach. Being a Pieces, I need my time of sea air and sand. The sun was shining and warm, which I found to be a great gift on second to the last day of November. A long walk was followed by an equally nice long I could not choose, 2 other pictures will follow...

Though this image does not convey the scent and feel of the ocean, I loved the red and the wax. Years (many) ago I spent the majority of my life on the beach, exploring, eating, drinking, smoking, kissing, sleeping, talking and finally studying. I did not have the desire to surf, one afternoon of "eating" sand cured me of that, so my involvement was one of watching...and sometimes waiting...

Seaweed was freely scattered across the beach, though the sand was bright and clean. A difference that I noted was that when you walked along, you did not risk stepping in tar. Tar was a fixture of the Santa Barbara beaches and you knew that it would be nice to get home and unstick it from in between toes, and other nameless areas.

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Brandy Rose said...

Gorgeous pics. I especially like the seaweed with its jewel tones. Sounds like a perfect day at the beach.