Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today's Reflection

Today's Reflection

I am grateful to have a space I feel safe and warm in.  Growing up I was shuffled between two households...very dissimilar...neither peaceful.  As a young to mid adult...I did have a beautiful space...though the hustle and bustle of raising a family did not leave time to enjoy it to its potential...and by the time things quieted down it was too late.  I once dabbled in living in someone elses' space...that did not last long as there were too many rules...and I am not good at not having a voice and constantly having to ask permission

High on my priority list is to find a space that suits me, belongs to me, and has a bit of a forever feel. is flexible with where I that is a battle thankfully I do not have to factor in.  I have thoughts about finances...does it make sense to buy at my age...will a lender find me worthy...and should I take the plunge and "move" to somewhere I have not lived I brave enough to cast caution to the wind and really "start over"?   Is my big-girl thong orange enough to make me believe I can do it?

This is a picture I shot last week in Boston.  It is the reflection of visitors at the Museum of Modern Art...which has a viewing section on the second floor that is large enough to accommodate me, the pugs and some necessary living items, perhaps we could be on display and our life viewed as "Art".

Modern Art has a special place in my was in DC years ago that I first visited a MOMA, and was treated to a large gray canvas with a smashed beer can attached to the middle...I knew in a split second that I was at least that gifted.  Guess I should add finding a curator who prefers abstract photography, painting and fused glass over a smashed Bud Light to my current life list...wish me luck...

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