Thursday, August 25, 2011



Life is abundantly full of choices...those that are right and a move your life forward kind of way, those that are comfortable as you are familiar with them, those that bring you joy, those that you keep hoping that if you just try a little harder/wait a little longer will bring you the safe and warm space we all seek.  

Then there are the unhealthy choices, that feel good a minute here and there...the ones you can hear your Mother admonish you for, the ones you do not freely share with your friends and cannot...the ones that even you cannot explain to the peace of the darkness.  

Lastly there are choices that once made, continue to have reverberations though out your life...for the rest of your life.  At this stage of my game, I only have several of those left...and I love them.  

This is a photograph of my Father and my Grandson, one of many I took last weekend...a nice example of reverberation...spanning 4 Generations...and proof that Choice is a great thing... 

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