Saturday, January 15, 2011

Etc...and Second Saturday

Etc...and Second Saturday

I no longer have the dream of becoming an artist...I AM an artist...a pretty dynamic realization and statement...a pretty fabulous place to be in my life.

I was reminded once again this week how fragile life is and how quickly your focused hopes and dreams can change.  A friend of mine was diagnosed with late stage multiple myeloma and is now fighting for her life...and dramatic change from her daily routine of caring for others and serving her God.

This is a picture I took on the Coast while celebrating the promise of 2011.  I love the colors, the "faces" in the rock and the memory of the sun warming my face during the few minutes of cloudless sky.

I was offered, and accepted a Second Saturday spot this Spring.  Someone besides myself likes my work!  So now I have several months to pull it together...though my perspective is that the show will be by me, for me and about pressure...just fun and a different venue to appreciate the gift of my health, happiness and life...

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Brandy Rose said...

That pic is beautiful. And I always assumed you were an artist, the pictures you post and the words you use, I could just tell.